Posters #16 and #17 and Wartime Snapshot #16

Commemorating the Centenary of the Gallipoli Landings

Anzac Day Poster #16
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Anzac Day Poster #17
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Wartime Snapshot #16—Centenary of the Gallipoli Landings (2015)
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The two Anzac Day posters highlight the significance of the landings at Gallipoli. The images capture a moment in time as men step off the boats and begin their climb up the steep terrain. The photograph shows members of No. 2 Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers, as they land on the morning of 25 April while members of the 7th Battalion advance up a gully on the left. The painting by Australian artist William Beckwith McInnes is one of many artistic interpretations of the landings at Anzac Cove in 1915. The posters call on the audience to imagine the physical challenge as well as the danger from bullets and shells on that first day, and prompts reflection on the individual story of each soldier as they step ashore. Their experiences became part of the broader Anzac story.