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Forever Yours

Forever Yours Publication
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This publication is designed for upper primary and secondary students. It contains a collection of stories about love in wartime using mementos, letters and photographs which explore the notions of love and friendship during wartime.

These stories complement the teaching activities found in the Teachers’ Guidebook : We’ll meet again for secondary students.

Chapter Guide:

  • Introduction for teachers, p.1-3
  • Remember me, p.4-9
  • A mother’s love, p.10-13
  • Lost for 90 years, p.14-19
  • A tale of two Kylies, p.20-23
  • Tasmania mourns loss…, p.24-25
  • For the love of God, p.26-31
  • Devotion to duty, p.32-35
  • A foreign affair, p.36-39
  • My cheer-up girl, p.40-43
  • A new life abroad, p.44-47
  • Where did it happen?, Timeline and Glossary, p.48-53
  • Bibliography and Index, p.54-56